Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana

Volumen 70, núm. 3, 2018, p. 567 ‒ 590

Desarrollo computacional de ecuaciones cinéticas para la disolución/precipitación de minerales en fluidos acuosos

Raquel Josefina Gimón-Bastidas1,*, Renee Jesús Pérez-Rodríguez1, Eduardo González-Partida2

1 Geochemical Research and Engineering, Inc., 75 Cormack Crescent, Edmonton, Alberta T2R2E6, Canadá.
2 Centro de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Blvd. Juriquilla 3001, Querétaro, 76230, México.

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We developed equations and algorithms for solving a non-linear system of first order differential equations. The system represents a model for the kinetic dissolution and precipitation of minerals in aqueous electrolyte solutions. Our algorithm is valid for temperatures ranging from 20 to 320°C, pressures from 1 to 1000 bar, and ionic strengths of up to 6 mol/kg. Our numerical tool predicts correctly the types and concentrations of: a) minerals dissolved or precipitated through time; b) ions and cations produced and consumed (aqueous species) during the kinetic dissolution/precipitation of one or more minerals in solution.

Keywords: kinetic precipitation, kinetic dissolution, saturation index, minerals.