Bol. Soc. Mexicana XXXVII (1): 11-17, Junio, 1976

The Tamuin Member of the Mendez Shale along the Eastern Flank of the Sierra de El Abra, San Luis Potosí, East México.

J. Eduardo Aguayo C. and Kunio Kanamori

Institute for Geosciences, University of Dallas


The Tamuin Member, is proposed herein as a new member of the Mendez Shale, it is exposed along the eastern flank of the Sierra de El Abra in the Tampico Region in East Mexico.

Lithologically, the Tamuin Member consists of finely laminated, black argilaceous limestone displaying graded bedding, possibly deposited by means of turbidity currents.

The planktonic foraminiferal assemblage in the Tamuin Member indicates that the member is late Campanian in age. thereofre. is equivalent to the middle part of the Mendez Shale.