Vol 60, Núm.. 1, 2008, p.1-10

 Occurrence of Meyeria magna M'Coy, 1849 in Colombia: a widely distributed species during Aptian times

Presencia de Meyeria magna M'Coy, 1849 en Colombia: una especie de amplia distribución durante el Aptiano

 Francisco J. Vega1,*, Rodney M. Feldmann2, Fernando Etayo–Serna3, Hermann D. Bermúdez–Aguirre4 and Jorge Gómez3

1 Instituto de Geología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Ciudad Universitaria. México, D.F., México.
2 Department of Geology, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 44242, USA.
3 INGEOMINAS–Museo Geológico José Royo y Gómez, Dg 5334–53, Bogota DC, Colombia.
4 Geostratos Lta. Cra. 40, no. 22C–60, Bloque B3, Apto. 1201, Bogotá DC, Colombia.

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Occurrence of the mecochirid decapod Meyeria magna M'Coy 1849 is documented based on numerous articulated specimens collected from upper Aptian strata of Colombia. This report represents the first record in America for the species, previously reported from Aptian deposits of Europe. The numerous specimens of a relatively uniform size found in a single stratigraphic level suggests a mass mortality event, favorable conditions for the development of the community, or both. The stratigraphic range for the genus Meyeria is confirmed to be Lower to Upper Cretaceous.

Key words: Crustacea, Mecochiridae, Meyeria, Aptian, Colombia.